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I am available for private English tutoring classes only(No Teaching)for intermediate and advanced English students, Business Executives or anyone looking to polish their skills in the privacy of your home or office.
Only 21 and over (sorry-no children)

I can help you with specific terminology such as Medical, Legal, Customer Service, Travel & Leisure, Presentations,Tourism, IT, or College/University homework or Masters/PHD thesis.
Would prepare a customized plan based on your specific needs.

Can help you develop learning techniques, increase vocabulary, conversational fluency, accent reduction, enunciation, meeting presentations , even prepare you for job interviews or acting gigs.

Services available Monday through Friday ONLY.
*Saturday's upon special request(extra rate applies),

***Limited to D.F metropolitan areas***

Base rate is $250 (pesos) per hour. Price adjustment for two hours.

*Rate may increase based on your location/ commute distance and/or time of day.

Payment is completed per tutoring session

Please inquiry for additional information by replying with a contact phone number & email. I will reply back as early as possible.


TUTORS provide individual one to one tuition. They can tailor the lessons to the students' learning style.
TUTORS can present information in several different ways or methods to help the student grasp concepts.
Students often lead the way with tutors, they request help with specific tasks or assignments. Tutors help fill in the gaps.
TUTORS reinforce what has been taught in the classroom.
Teachers teach a subject but tutors pay attention to the students individual needs.
TUTORS can help students with STUDY SKILLS AND TECHNIQUES. If one method does not work they will find another.
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