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Exchange Bolivares to US Dollars
This wonderful opportunity is vailable to a select group of clients only. We hope that you are willing to appreciate it by taking advantage of it know and acting quickly, as this won't be available for long.

One of our best European Clients who is involved in various export business in Venezuela has once again made an urgent and special request to us.

They need to exchange a limited amount of USD to VEF, and that's one of the main reasons why they have contracted with our company, to supply them with the required amount of BSf that they're looking for thru an ESCROW-style solution that we have designed for our clients security and comfort.

An Escrow account can also be called Interest on Lawyers Trust Account (IOLTA), Paymasters Account or simply a Trust Account. In some countries, it can be set up by banks, while in most places is set up by attorneys and in some jurisdictions it can be set up thru private companies using Asset Management Agreements or any other valid legal vehicles.

Escrow are used when two parties that are closing a transaction need a 3rd party to be involved to guarantee that a condition is met before a determined action takes place, for example: if you live in Colombia and you want to purchase a home in USA you can use an Escrow Agent such as Stewart Title or Chicago Title, you transfer the funds to the escrow agent, the seller of the property meets with the escrow agent, transfers the title of your new home to your name and the escrow agent pays the seller, that way no risk is involved for neither the seller nor the buyer and the escrow agent makes a commission.

An Asset Management Agreement (AMA) is a legal binding contract entered between the asset manager, a company or individual and an investor stipulating the terms under which the manager is authorized to act on behalf of the investor to manage the assets listed in the agreement.

The closest thing to an Escrow in Venezuela is what's called "Fideicomiso". It delivers the same results as a regular escrow does, but limited to certain activities, normally related to real estate development and its financing, and it can only be set up by a bank, meaning that the bank is the only allowed entity to act as the escrow agent.

Remember that currency exchange transaction when done thru channels different than the governments becomes illegal and it's strongly punished, therefore the idea of creating an Escrow at a bank in Venezuela is obviously far from reality. Our legal department is proud to have identified this vehicle as a viable legal binding contract between the VEF client and our company. The Asset Management Agreement in order to bring the security that clients look for as well as the required legal recourse has been written to turn an illegal VEF Exchange transaction into a legal non-recourse loan, thus the client or the investor deposits VEF into the Asset Manager's Bank account in Venezuela with the sole purpose of obtaining a non-payable loan in US dollars, the Asset Manager will secure the loan in dollars in his USD account and afterward will deliver the VEF (that's what makes it very similar to an ESCROW), said dollars are transferred to the client who will never be paid the loan back and therefore the Asset Manager will keep the asset (bolivares) and the transaction is completed in a legal way at the style of Wall Street. One of the reasons that our clients reach to us for our services other than security, professionalism and efficiency is secrecy, as you can imagine a REAL Company looking to Exchange their USD to VEF at a higher rate than the government's and thru non-official means will not advertise this offer in the local newspaper in Venezuela, for security reasons their goal is to stay below the radar and remain anonymous.

Our European Client is looking to get this Exchange done in an efficient timely manner, and for that reason is that we are looking to transact with as few VEF clients as possible as to make it as expedite as possible, we have set minimum and maximum amounts in VEF that we will work with, along with its corresponding exchange rate.

Security: Each VEF client will contract with our company under an Asset Management Agreement, that way they will receive the international legal recourse that can only be found by using an AMA.

Amounts: If you look to exchange below 200 Million VEF what we do is aggregate your funds with othe clients' until 200 M VEF is reached and then execute the exchange with our USD Client and deliver the contracted amounts in USD to our VEF clients, this process can take a few days to complete.

Exchange Rates: Please review the table below to learn about the applicable exchange rates, but before you that you must understand the set procedures.


The Following Procedures are non-negotiable, we have no time -or energy- to get into discussions of why not is not done one way or the other. We've been in this business for over 5 years now and we are if not the only company that exchanges VEF to USD and that is located outside of Cucuta, we are for sure one of the very few that does it, hence we know what works for the benefit and security of our VEF and USD clients and therefore the following conditions are not open for discussion.

Once the client has made the decision to move forward with this transaction under given conditions the contact form must be filled out to get started.
Client will provide an up to date POF in VEF and a Simple CIS with a copy of his passport.
Client will receive an Asset Management Agreement, which must be filled out, signed and returned.
A POF in USD will be provided to the client along with the countersigned Asset Management Agreement that indicates banking coordinates in VEF and tranching schedule.
The VEF Client will execute the transfer of the Asset (VEF) the next business day per the AMA and will provide a copy of the transfer receipt (executed -- not pending).
If VEF were transfer from the same bank in Venezuela USD will be transferred the next business day to the client's designated account in USD and according to the AMA.

Exchange Rate: 975 VEF per USD
Exchange of VEF starting from 38,000,000.00 BSf (38 M VEF)
Our fees are included in the given rate
Your funds will be agreggated with other clients, once 200 M are aggregated an exchange will take place

Exchange Rate: 925 VEF per USD
Exchange of VEF starting from 200,000,000.00 BSf (200 M VEF)
Our fees are included in the given rate
USD will be transferred to your designated account the next business day after VEF are received in our bank account

Exchange Rate: 875 VEF per USD
Exchange of VEF starting from 925,000,000.00 BSf (925 M VEF)
Our fees are included in the given rate
USD will be transferred to your designated account the next business day after VEF are received in our bank account
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